Why the Consortium? Why host an Erasmus+ Trainee?

  • After a thorough and comprehensive assessment of foreign language skills and GPA, each applicant to Erasmus Student Mobility for Placement is selected by the Consortium and the University they attend.
  • Organisations interested in hosting trainees will be provided with a list of selected candidates including their key competencies and skills to be able to select the most suitable candidates.
  • Before the mobility, selected candidates will attend the Internship4all Consortium’s orientation program which will help them adapt to a new work environment.
  • Before the mobility, all trainees shall have an adequate insurance policy to cover any damages they may cause to the host organisation.
  • Traineeship shall last from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months.
  • Host organisations are not expected to provide logistical support to students concerning visa arrangements; however, they shall provide the student with a letter of acceptance.
  • Although typically host organisations are not expected to provide financial support to trainees, small amounts of contributions would be very helpful.
  • Students carrying out traineeships/internships as part of the Erasmus+ Program are exempt from the obligation to obtain a work permit in several Erasmus+ Program countries.
  • The Consortium may provide support to students in finding accommodation even though it is essentially the student’s responsibility to find their own accommodation.
  • Host organisations are expected to sign the Learning Agreement governing the scope and schedule of the traineeship/internship, and its prospective outcomes for the student. Detailed information on how to complete the Internship4all Consortium Agreement will be provided to the host organisations.


Organisations wishing to host trainees as part of the Internship4all Consortium Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Placement Program may complete the form (Offer for Traineeship Position) and contact the Internship4all Consortium Erasmus+ at